[Art above by RandomPurpleKitty!!]

Current Occupation(s):
-Digital Artist
-Video Editor

Howdy! My name’s Riley, but you can also call me Ry and Rook. I’m your Friendly Neighborhood Gaymer. It’s nice to meet you! If you’re here, you must be wanting to know more about me, right? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re not here to learn more about me, but are looking for my commissions, you can find a button to my commissions labeled at the top of this page! I hope you have a blessed day regardless of what dragged you to my corner of The interwebs! ~Riley/Ry/Rook

P.S. Please keep in mind that I’ve abandoned all my past names and usernames. I do not wish to be associated with them or my past in any way, shape, or form. Please respect that I do not want to be reminded of my past. I am doing my best to work on improving myself and moving forward. Thank you.P.P.S PLEASE READ THE DNI + TRIGGERS TAB BEFORE INTERACTING WITH ME!

[Art above by INSECTOPHOBIA/Tracey!!]


Name: Riley [you’re also welcome to call me by my secondary sonas/fandomsonas/etc names such as Rue, Scout, Autumn, Artemis, Dakota, Rune, Jericho/Tobias, Aubrey, Auburn, Yume, etc!]Nickname(s): Ry, Rook, Gogglehead, FriendlyNGaymer, FNGaymer, and FNG. You’re welcome to ask if you’re unsure whether you can use a nickname for me or not! I won’t bite! You’re also welcome to suggest/give me a nickname and I’ll let you know if I’m okay with it or not!Birthday: August 26th, 1998Age: 23Gender: Agenderflux [also known as Librafluid]Pronoun(s): Check out the following links for my pronouns and how to use them!
My en.pronouns.page + My pronouny
Sex: AFAB [Assigned Female at Birth]Orientation: Ambiamorous Demiromantic Aceflux TrixicRelationship Status: SingleMBTI: INFJFavorite Birthstone(s): Sardonyx & PeridotZodiac: VirgoChinese Zodiac Sign: TigerHogwarts House: 🦡Hufflepuff🦡Divergent Faction: 🤝Abnegation🤝Favorite Color(s):
- Pastel Orange
- Burnt-Orange
- Pastel Indigo
- Pastel Purple[Also known as Lavender]
- Indigo
- Purple
- Royal Purple
- Yellowish Green [also known as Acid Green, Olive Green, or Peridot Green. It’s the color of The Peridot!]
- Pastel Green [Also known as Mint Green or Mint]
- Icy Blue
- Pastel Blue
- Rainy faded blues
- Silver
- Black
- White
- All Shades of Gray
- Some Shades of Brown
and I’m sure there’s more I’ve not listed! When it comes to designs for characters- I love pastels and I enjoy natural colors as well!
Favorite Singers/Bands: Girl In Red, Zendaya, NSP [Ninja Sex Party], Starbomb, Owl City, Depeche Mode, Glass Animals, Twenty One Pilots, Alec Benjamin, Jack Stauber, Melanie Martinez, Marina and The Diamonds, Cavetown, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Halsey, Billie Eilish, Mother Mother, Mystery Skulls, Ed Sheehan, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, 3OH!3, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, Bo Burnham, Britney Spears, Coldplay, The Neighborhood, The Veronicas, [more tba but tbh I will listen to anything! The only music I’m really all that picky w is country music tbh]Things you may not know about me:
-I’m a self-taught artist! I taught myself how to draw starting on a piece of paper then digitally on the PC at the age of 9!
-I've been drawing digital art for 14 [almost 15 now] years!-I've used paper + pen + pencils, a desktop, a laptop, a phone, and an IPad for drawing! I currently use an IPad!-I use Procreate for drawing! I've used many other art programs previously such as Ibis Paint, Medibang Paint, Fire Alpaca, Krita, Paint Tool Sai, and MSPaint.-I edit videos with Vegas Pro 14 on my PC and Cute Cut Pro & CapCut on my IPad!-I mainly draw Feral animals, still practicing/studying Anthros so you'll see those every now and then as well! One day soon I'll also re-teach/practice/study how to draw humans again.-I have an obsession with stuffed animals. Love them so much. Used to collect quite a plenty of webkinz, still have them. Used to have carebears too but I lost all but my favorite one which was Swiftheart Rabbit.-I love comedy! I enjoy watching comedians a ton.-I love YouTubers, especially The Game Grumps, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Canadian Guy Eh! I watch them religiously [and by that I mean literally every single day.]-I am deadly allergic to peanuts! I’ve been since I was 9 years old and it was so depressing to me. It still is sometimes but as I’ve gotten older and found an alternative to peanut butter [cashew butter] I’ve been doing a lot better with hearing people talk about it/seeing people eat it. My body has however developed a dislike of the very smell of peanuts/peanut butter, it makes me feel sick now. Regardless, I typically tend to stay as far away as possible from it. I also am pretty paranoid about it in general since I almost died eating it once [that’s when we found out I was allergic- I was fine and then one day when I was 9 I suddenly got allergic] so I’m very careful about what I eat these days.

The Anti-Social Social Club:
[A club I created with some of my closest friends- I’ve known them each a different amount of time, but I trust them the most out of anyone in my life. Go check them out because they deserve it! They’re amazingly talented, compassionate, and goofy people and I would not be here today without any of them.]
RandomPurpleKitty aka Tori
Susivoi/WolfVio aka Luka/Lukas/Liam
TurkiwiDrawz aka Cam/Vincent/Bradley
Kibo aka Miles

DNI + Triggers

DNI with me if:
-You hate or do not respect neopronouns. I do have pronouns outside of neopronouns, but my neopronouns make me extremely comfortable, happy, and validated. If you have problems with others and myself using neopronouns to express ourselves, then DO NOT interact with me!
-You have issues with LGBTQIA+ People. I am a part of The LGBTQIA+ Community. I am an Agenderflux Ambiamorous Demiromantic Aceflux Trixic, and if you have ANY issues with me being who I am, DO NOT interact with me!-You are racist, sexist, a pedophile, transphobe, homophobe, ableist, zoophile, etc. I DO NOT want to interact with people like these of ANY KIND! Therefore if you fall under any of these categories, DO NOT interact with me!-You’re an art thief, character thief, or stalker. If you are any of these, DO NOT interact with me!-You’re going to rub a bunch of triggers in my face, or not spoiler certain triggers that you have to bring up when talking to me. I HATE when people do this. My triggers are triggers for very specific reasons. I don’t mind at all if you like a certain fandom on my triggers list, but those fandoms are there because they trigger me in a specific way. A lot of the fandoms were because of exes and ex friends liking them and they remind me too much of them to be comfy with them anymore, so that’s why they’re a trigger. If you’re going to rub stuff from my trigger list in my face without caring what it does to my mental health, DO NOT interact with me!-You are going to call me a furry in a scornful, hurtful, and/or rude way. I am a part of The Furry Community. For years, back from when I was SUPER young till about 17, my sister labeled me a furry and acted as though it was such a horrible thing. I AM a Furry, and I’m proud to be one honestly. I enjoy anthropomorphic characters, and I’ve had little to no issues with anyone in The Furry Community. For people who do not know what a furry is, a Furry is, by definition, “A person who likes anthropomorphic characters.” This DOES NOT include NSFW, even if a lot of people in the fandom draw furry NSFW art, that doesn’t mean it’s included with being a furry. Being a furry is only saying that we enjoy anthropomorphic characters, Like Judy from Zootopia, Elora from Spyro: Ripto’s Rage, Otis from Barnyard, and even Mickey Mouse is considered one, technically speaking. So if you enjoy these characters you’re technically a furry. It’s up to you whether you want people calling you a furry or not however. If you don’t like being called a furry, that is totally fine with me. It took me awhile to even be okay with people calling me a furry, too, so I totally get it. Unfortunately, due to a lot of people taking ”Furry” out of context, furries are typically seen as “Bad People.” I’ve met so many kind and talented furry artists all over the place. I think I’ve met maybe 2-3 that I have had issues with, and that’s about it. Regardless, I don’t mind you calling me a furry. If you’re gonna call me a furry in a scornful, hurtful, or rude way however, DO NOT interact with me!-You’re going to try and bring up my past, or are an ex or ex friend. There’s plenty I can say about this, for starters I’ve made mistakes in my past as any person has, and do not wish to be reminded of it. I’m trying harder in life as a whole, and I am also trying my best to not repeat the same mistakes I made back then, so I’d appreciate people NOT bringing up my past or asking questions about my past or anything else along these lines. As for exes and ex friends- I’d also rather not befriend/re-friend any of my exes or ex friends. You’re probably not in my life for many specific reasons, and I personally am in a better place mentally nowadays without most of the people I used to know. If you are one of these people [and you know you are one of these people- keep in mind there are some old friends I used to have who I’ve just honestly lost contact with and wouldn’t mind getting back. What I’m mentioning is talking about people I’ve actually blocked and cut out of my life, not people I’ve lost contact with just in general], DO NOT interact with me!-You’re going to deadname me [if you somehow know my legal name], use she/her pronouns for me w/o my permission, or use any of my old names and/or usernames, DO NOT interact with me![As more things come up I’ll add them! For now, these are VERY big DNIs of mine.]Triggers:
As for my Triggers+Blacklist, you can find them here! It’s in a google doc because it’s fairly big, and I don’t want it taking up even more space.



[Art above by Susivoi/WolfVio!!]

This is a list of all of my interests. I put them into categories to make it less confusing. You are more than welcome to talk to me about any of these! These are NOT in order, I love all of these almost equally and will ecstatically converse about them! I also included a list of things I want to watch &/or read that I either haven’t seen yet, haven’t watched in forever+haven’t finished, or haven’t read yet.

Video Games:
-All Spyro Games [Including Skylanders- BUT I do not like Spyro or Cynder themselves in Skylanders- however I do enjoy a ton of the other skylanders themselves.]
-The Legend of Zelda
-Animal Crossing
-Conker’s Bad Fur Day
-Slime Rancher
-Five Nights at Freddy’s
-Little Nightmares 1 & 2
-Stardew Valley
-Splatoon 1 & 2
-The Dog Island
-TWD by Telltale Games
-Detroit: Become Human
-Final Fantasy VII [Aka Final Fantasy 7]
-Cattails [it’s a game that seemingly is based off of warrior cats- very fun! Highly recommend.]
-Crash Bandicoot
-Ouran Highschool Host Club
-Sword Art Online+Gun Gale Online
-Future Diary/Mirai Nikki
-Darling in The FRANXX
-The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter
-Kill La Kill
-Goblin Slayer
-How Not to Summon A Demon Lord
-Mushoku Tensei
-Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon/Dan Machi
-The Rising of The Shield Hero
-Twin Star Exorcists
-Yuuna and The Haunted Hot Springs
-Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai
-Seven Deadly Sins [Haven't finished yet- on Season 2]
-Avatar [Haven't finished yet- nearing the end of Season 1]
TV Shows:
-Fraggle Rock
-Wallace And Gromit
-The Care Bears [Original 1980’s Care Bears only!]
-Teen Titans [NOT including Teen Titans GO- just The Original Teen Titans TV Show.]
-South Park [I’ve only seen fully up through Season 4, but I’ve played both TSOT & TFBW and I’ve been watching the pandemic specials! Will be catching up with the rest of the seasons whenever I can!]
-Gravity Falls
-AMC’s TWD [I’ve only seen up to season 8!]
Movies &/or Books:
-The Entire MCU [including Disney+ shows & ITSV]
-Balto 1, 2, & 3
-All Dogs Go To Heaven 1, 2, & A Christmas Carol
-Lady and The Tramp 1 & 2
-Wreck It Ralph 1 & 2
-Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & 2
-All Harry Potter Movies
-Ready Player One
-The Lion King 1, 1 & ½, & 2
-Bambi 1 & 2
-The Aristocats
-The Fox and The Hound 1 & 2
-101 Dalmations
-Oliver & Company
-Big Hero 6
-All How To Train Your Dragon Movies
-Inspector Gadget Movies 1 & 2
-Warrior Cats [I’ve read all of them including special editions up until The first Dawn Of The Clans book was released. I got that book, read it, and just didn’t end up enjoying it and officially stopped reading the books after that. I don’t think I’ll pick the books back up again since they seem to be going downhill from what I’ve been hearing/seeing, but I still love warriors regardless.]
-Divergent [first book and first movie only]
-All The Hunger Games Movies
-All Ghostbusters Movies
-All Starwars Movies
-All The Lord of the Rings+The Hobbit Movies
-All Jurassic Park & Jurassic World Movies
- Heathers
- Be More Chill
-Closed Species Groups [I love closed species! I highly prefer Feral and Anthro Closed Species. I’m especially fond of The Closed Species Groups I’m apart of, which are: Mothcats {Mothcats, Florabuns, Bumblebuns, Heartnoses, and Sparklenoses}, World-Of-Lingua {Paralogos & Whifflings}, Fanteles, Beezlebubbies, Loomielights, Kitsundaes, Somniprae, and Sushi Dogs!]
-Comedians [I LOVE comedians! Especially John Mulaney, Jeff Dunham, Bo Burnham, Brian Regain, Fluffy aka Gabriel Iglesias, Dane Cook, etc!]-Worm on a StringMovies &/or TV Shows to watch + Books to Read:
-Agents of Shield
-Owl House
-Percy Jackson
-The Maze Runner
-Brother Bear 2
-Cars 3
-Toy Story 3 & 4
-Raya and The Last Dragon
-Turning Red
-The Ascendance Trilogy
-The Five Nights at Freddy’s Book Series
-The Redwall Books


I can take USD through the following options: PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Facebook Pay, Google Pay, or Through Zelle- which is through most banks! [If you’re unsure about whether your bank uses Zelle or not, you can find out here.] I will contact you to give you my email once you fill out the commission form for a commission if you want to use Zelle!I will also accept dA points instead of USD! 100 points = $1!On top of that, I will also accept items from my wishlist [which can be found here], discord nitro, and toyhou.se premium in return for artwork!Prices may vary depending on the complexity of said character(s)! [This also includes when I create you a design, depending on how complex you may want said character, the price will vary!] I will NOT draw extremely complex characters! If you’re unsure whether or not your character is too complex or not, you can fill out the linked below commission form anyways and I will contact you and let you know if they are too complex for me!Commissions are currently CLOSED. To order a commission, fill out and submit The Commission Form found here!My Commission Que can be found on Trello here and is updated frequently!P.S. Some of the below commission types don’t have examples. I just recently moved to/started using a new art program + it’s a brand new year- so I decided I want only brand-new and fresh art examples from the new program only. So I sincerely apologize that there is a lack of examples as of currently! I’m working on making new examples and will update my commissions below with fresh examples as I go!


Sketch [Uncolored]: $5
Sketch [Colored]: $7
Sketch Sheet [Uncolored): $10
Sketch Sheet [Colored]: $12
I will do headshots, full bodies, and chibis in my sketchy style. I also do sketch sheets which is 3-4 headshots + 1 bust and/or full body, and 1 chibi in one sheet!

Headshot: $10

Bust: $12

Full body: $15

Reference: $20 - $35[This is only for existing characters! If you want a character designed (or redesigned) for you, that falls under character design!]

Character Design: $30 - $45[This is only for characters that do not exist yet that you want to have created for you OR for character redesigns! Can just be one full body design or a full on reference!]

PFP/Icon Style #1 [Headshot]: $8
PFP/Icon Style #2 [Bust]: $10
[Icons always come with a background! White outline is optional. I can do pride flags/face paint on both icon styles if wanted!]

Positive Banner Headshot: $12


Chibi Headshot: $6
Crayon Chibi Headshot: $8

Chibi Bust: $8
Crayon Chibi Bust: $10

Chibi Full body: $10
Crayon Chibi Full body: $12


[Still = Unanimated.]
[Simple = One Animation.]
[Complex = More Than One Animation.]

Still Headshot Pixel Icon: $8
Still Connecting Headshot Pixel Icons: $14
Still Full body Pixel Icon: $12
Still Connecting Full body Pixel Icons: $18

Simple Headshot Pixel Icon: $16
Simple Connecting Headshot Pixel Icons: $20
Simple Full body Pixel Icon: $20
Simple Connecting Full body Pixel Icons: $24

Complex Headshot Pixel Icon: $25
Complex Connecting Headshot Pixel Icons: $30
Complex Full body Pixel Icon: $30
Complex Connecting Full body Pixel Icons: $35

Still Pixel Page Doll: $14
Simple Pixel Page Doll: $18
Complex Pixel Page Doll: $22


Jack-O-Lantern YCH: $12
Pride Flag/Flag YCH: $10
Pride Cape/Blanket YCH: $10
Squishy YCH: $10
Beg/Plead YCH: $6
Imagination YCH: $6
I Have A Knife YCH: $6
Wheeze YCH: $6
Drink YCH: $8
Hell Yeah YCH: $8
How You Doin’?/Finger Guns YCH: $8
Having A Mental Dilemma YCH: $8


NOTE: This isn’t exactly related to T.O.S but if I make you art, whether it’s gift art, a trade, or art you commissioned me for, you can add it to your character’s worth!Design & Character T.O.S. can be found here!I have the right to refuse a commission.
-I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason whatsoever. If it’s something I won’t draw or I am extremely uncomfortable with, I will turn down said commission. If you are turned down, do not harass me/make a big deal out of it or I will blacklist you on the spot. You have been warned. Also, if you’re not sure your commission fits in either will or won’t draw, feel free to ask me!
I will not start until payment is sent.
-I do not start a commission until I have been sent payment for said commission. Payments are made up front after discussing the details of said commission and getting the a-okay to start sketching it. I can do payment plans, and I can even haggle on prices, so don't be afraid to ask me- I'm sure I can work with you. If I somehow cannot finish your commission, you will be refunded. If I’ve already started on your commission and you want a refund, the amount you are refunded will depend on how far in with your commission I am. USD Payment can only be made through the following: Venmo, Cashapp, Facebook Pay, Google Pay, or Zelle. I can also however accept dA points. 100 points = $1!
Clear references, please.
-When commissioning me, please provide a clear reference. References that are super small, bad/low resolution, covered with text/large watermarks, or are traditional without a digital palette and description given will not be accepted by me unless discussed beforehand. I highly prefer working with digital references in general as it makes things a lot easier for me personally, but of course I have nothing wrong with traditional art or references, just be prepared to have a color palette and/or a digital art example with their colors and of how they look!
I can make changes to your commission!
-I can most-likely make changes to your commission as I often save the layers! It’s extremely rare nowadays that I don’t. However, keep in mind that I will charge you more for any huge changes, such as changing the character entirely. Small changes are alright and I won’t charge you extra for those! If you ask to change the character before I start your commission however, I won’t charge you anything extra for changing the character!
If you commissioned it, only you can use it, unless you got it for someone else as a gift.
-Commissioned work should only be used by the commissioner or I, unless you commissioned this for a friend or family member, then they can use it! (I will likely only use it for examples on my commissions website, and don’t worry! If you don’t want me to use the piece you commissioned as an example for my commissions, just let me know and I promise you I won’t use it!)
If you get a commission for someone else and/or with someone else’s OC in it, I need written permission to draw said character before I will take your commission.
-This is honestly to just be on the safe side, but If you are commissioning art of an OC that is not your own, I require the written permission of the owner to do so. If I am not given written permission from the owner of said OC, I will refuse the commission. Taking a screenshot of them giving you permission is just fine with me!
You’re welcome to use the art however, but don’t steal it. Credit me properly!
-The commissioner may use the art in whatever way they please, so long as they do not take credit for the artwork itself, redistribute the artwork, alter the artwork in any way, or sell the artwork itself for money.
You are welcome to repost my art, but please remember to credit me properly.
-The commissioner may repost my art as long as credit is given. If credit isn’t given properly, I will think you have stolen it. [In my opinion, the best way to credit me properly is by uploading it to toyhouse with credit given to FNGaymer, or if you don’t have a toyhouse, upload it to dA, Tumblr, Furaffinity, or Twitter with credit to FriendlyNeighborhoodGaymer, FriendlyNGaymer, or FNGaymer depending on which I had to use! I may have youtube and twitch too, but I use telegram, discord, toyhouse, and deviantART the most these days, and it’s kinda hard to credit a discord or telegram.]
I have the rights to display any commissions on social media, unless stated/asked otherwise.
-I have the right to display any commissioned artwork on my social media (dA, tumblr, FurAffinity, Twitter, youtube, my commissions on carrd, etc), unless asked otherwise. I won’t display it or use it as an example on my commissions page if the commissioner is uncomfortable with it, which I fully understand. Please tell me whether you are comfortable with me using it as an example or not when you order the commission!
I have a horrible memory; you may remind me from time to time!
-It may not be obvious, but my memory is actually rather awful. I believe I have a version of short-term memory loss, or possibly something even worse than that. I typically am easily distracted, and will forget things even if they’re important! I promise it isn’t on purpose! So if you can check up on your commission and come remind me [I recommend reminding me within about 2-3 weeks!] that’d be lovely! Keep in mind however, I update my Trello frequently, so please check there first before reminding me/asking for updates on your commission!
Please do not constantly remind me and/or spam me!
-If you see me working on other work, please do not get upset! I do personal work in between commissions so I'm not overwhelmed or burnt out. I also often do personal art when I need to vent out some emotions [anxiety, depression, etc] and just need time to draw for myself for a little bit. This does happen quite a bit so please keep this in mind! Constantly reminding and/or spamming me will get you added to my blacklist. Please only remind me about a commission once a week, only if you haven’t seen progress uploaded to my Trello!
I will not work with disrespectful, unkind, and/or rude people. You will be refused/refunded.
-If you are disrespectful, unkind, or overall rude to me I will most likely refuse and/or refund your commission (if I already took the commission by the time this happens.) If you do not accept the money back, that is your decision. I will not do the commission you requested if I tell you I am refunding you and you decide not to accept the money back.
I can cancel your commission at anytime if I become uncomfortable with the commissioner or commission itself.
-I hold the right to cancel a commission at any given time. If I do so, you will be refunded within a few days of me making said decision. This will likely be an extremely rare occasion- unless something happens in my personal life that stops me from finishing/creating the commission at any point, or I become uncomfortable with the commissioner or the commission itself.
If you need to cancel your commission, let me know ASAP!
-In the event you have to cancel at any point in the commission process, please inform me as soon as possible. I 100% understand emergencies, and will work with you! However, in the event a large amount of work has already been finished on your commission, you will be refunded 50% of the commission price.
Turnaround time!
-Turnaround time will be at least 1-2 months. I’ve got a lot going on on my end. I’m not in the healthiest condition atm physically, so I’m currently seeing a lot of doctors. Doctor appointments exhaust me already without the physical pain I’m in with my herniated disc. it’s also made doing chores even harder than before, and I only have so much I can do each day before I can no longer continue functioning. Due to this, my current turnaround time is longer than I’d like it to be, unfortunately. However, I’m currently working on getting myself in better shape, and hopefully once things smooth out I hopefully will be able to get things done much faster!
If you need it by a certain date, please let me know!
-I am 100% A-Okay with due dates! Just let me know! If you have a specific date that you need the art done by, like for an anniversary or birthday gift, please let me know when you order your commission! Giving me a straight up due-date is the best way to go, as I can 100% make sure it's done right before or on that day depending on which you’d prefer! You can always give me a time too if you’d like, just keep in mind that I live in The Eastern Time Zone so please give me the time and date you need the art piece finished by in Eastern Time Zone [EST!]
I can always share W.I.P.S with you! Just ask!
-You may always ask me for updates on how the commission is going! I will send w.i.p.s over telegram or discord. If you don't have a discord or telegram, I can also send them over PMs on TH, dA messages/notes, FA notes, Twitter PMs, email, & messenger on FB!
Please respond when you are sent your finished commission; Please don’t wait for weeks and make me have to hunt you down on your other social media for a response.
-When you are sent your finished commission, please at least respond the moment you see it and have the time to respond, so that I know you got it. A simple "Thank you!" is fine, and/or if anything is wrong with the commission, PLEASE let me know. I have an intense amount of anxiety and not getting a response from someone when I finish art for them is extremely stressful. I can understand being busy with work, school/college, or being in a bad mental space, but you not responding to me puts me in a bad mental space, ESPECIALLY if you wait over a week. I shouldn't have to hunt people down on their other social media because they won't leave a simple response after I finished something that you paid me for. I’ve had multiple people not respond to me for weeks, heck, even months after finishing art for them, which is why this is now a part of my TOS. If you can't do this, then please don't commission me, thank you.
Commissioned artwork may not be used for advertising or profits associated with NFTs or cryptocurrency!
-Clients are not permitted under any circumstances to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non fungible tokens [NFTs]. Use of the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.

Fan Characters [Characters from Video Games, Anime, Movies, Etc. As long as you have animalized references, or as long as they aren't human! Things like Pokemon and Digimon would be included in this!]
Anthros/Furries [I am still practicing these but I am willing to draw them!]
Foxes/Fennec Foxes/Arctic Foxes
Dragons [Spyro-based or not!]
MLPs [My Little Pony Characters!] & Horses/Equines
Hamsters [Hamtaro-based or not]/Guinea Pigs/Ferrets/Mice/Rats/Squirrels/Chinchillas
Small amounts of Blood/Gore [I'm still practicing!]
Characters made of Goo [cause it’s fun to draw. I'm also practicing this!)]
Custom [open or closed] Species [as long as it’s an animal, feral or anthro, feel free to ask me and I’ll see if I can do it or not!]
Most Medical/Face Masks [Depends on the pattern on your face mask- if it falls under something I won’t draw or my triggers, then I won’t draw it!]
Most Pride Flags [However, keep in mind there may be certain flags I will not draw. I typically like to know about pride flags and feel comfortable with them before drawing them, so if you’re unsure whether I’d be willing to draw your flag or not, please ask!]
xNSFW [Maybe in the future once I learn how to draw it?]
xFetishes of any kind
xHate art of any kind
xComplex Characters
xRobots/Mechs [I don’t mind characters that have a robotic arm or leg, but if they’re entirely robotic, then no.]
xSkeletons [I just have like- no practice with them.]
xRotting Characters [I am fine with characters who have stitching or are undead, as long as they don’t have any sort of visible rot- like characters who are just more grayish greenish and have stitches I don’t mind drawing at all, I just cannot handle rotting.]
xHumans [I really need a lot more practice tbh.]
xAnything under my Triggers/Blacklist. [My triggers/blacklist is located here]

[Art above by Kibo!]


All of my contact information is below except for my Discord (the discord icon below is an invite to my public discord!) & Telegram (the telegram icon below is an invite to my public telegram channel!) You must contact me in PMs or Notes on other platforms (Toyhouse, Tumblr, deviantART, Furaffinity, etc.) before receiving my discord or telegram. I don’t give them out publicly due to issues I’ve had in the past. I apologize! However, you can join my public discord server or public telegram channel and get my usernames that way too!If you commission me or donate, all of the funds will go towards the following:
-Living Expenses, like bills and groceries!
-Supplies for my Content for my Youtube and Twitch Channels! (Both of which are a huge W.I.P as of right now. I do upload to them, but I have a herniated disc in my lower back which has made it very hard to stream or record videos for long periods of time as of recently. Currently looking into ways to manage pain so I can hopefully soon continue making content & streaming!)
-Supplies for My Art. I only draw digitally these days, so basically if anything were to happen to my current IPad, of which I draw on.
I can take donations through the following links/places. (Just be sure to let me know it’s a donation of it isn't through Ko-fi!):
Facebook Pay
Google Pay